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What Factors Should I Consider When Installing UFO High Bay Lights in a Warehouse?

What Factors Should I Consider When Installing UFO High Bay Lights in

Are you an owner or an employee of a warehouse and want to install lights in your place? Well, UFO bay lights would be the best choice as they are the most efficient lighting systems that can illuminate large areas while also saving you from hefty bills. However, before installing these lights, it's important to consider a few factors to get the best results and avoid any issues.

Before moving to factors, first, let's understand UFO high bay lights and their importance.

What are UFO High Bay Lights? 

UFO high bay lights are mainly designed for high-ceiling spaces like warehouses, factories, garages, auditoriums, or gym areas. They are called "UFOs" because of their shape, which looks like a flying saucer or UFO. 

These LED UFO high bay lights use LED technology, which makes them energy-efficient compared to other conventional lighting options such as fluorescent lights.

4 Pack 200W UFO LED high bay light -5000K is an excellent lighting solution for big commercial/industrial settings such as home workshops, gyms, garages, or warehouses.

UFO high bay lights have various benefits that make them ideal for warehouse lighting. These are:


They produce a high level of brightness to make sure there is sufficient light in all the areas, required for safety and to increase productivity in these environments.

Energy Efficiency

LED technology consumes less energy than traditional lighting solutions. It makes sure that you don’t have to pay high electricity bills in the long run.

Long Lifespan

LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to other types of lighting which reduce the chances of replacements and maintenance costs.

High Durability

UFO high bay lights are built with high-quality and strong materials, making them durable and resistant to damage.

6 Pack 100 W UFO LED high bay light -5000K is made of heavy-duty aluminum with a modern industrial-grade design to provide a durable and robust lighting option.

Now you have got the idea about the UFO high bay lights and how they are useful for larger areas. Let's understand the factors that you should consider before installing them:

Height of the Ceiling

The height of your warehouse or factory ceiling is generally about 20-40 feet so you should consider high bay lights that have a high wattage and lumens output to properly lighten the space. 

Lighting Areas

Before purchasing LED linear high bay lights, take a proper look at the layout of your warehouse. There are some shelves, aisles area, and other work areas that might be not visible clearly. Make sure that you are covering these areas to minimize the shadow effect or dark spots.

Accurate Light Distribution

These UFO high bay lights are available in different beam angles such as narrow, medium, and wide. Choose the type of beam as per the layout of the warehouse and the type of tasks performed. For instance, narrow beam angles are appropriate for aisles, while wide beams are ideal for open spaces.

Energy Efficient

LED UFO high bay lights are the perfect option to reduce energy consumption and other maintenance costs. Consider the ones that have high efficacy ratings and special features like dimming capabilities or motion sensors. These motion sensors automatically turn off the light when there is no one in that area, further improving energy savings.

Invest in Langy Energy's 8 Pack 150 W UFO Led high bay light. It offers ultra-bright light to illuminate wider areas while electricity costs by up to 60%.


Hire professional or follow the manufacturer's guidelines while installing these lights. Factors like mounting heights, wiring cables, and compatibility with the electrical systems are important to avoid any installation issues later on.


UFO high bay lights are ideal for improving visibility, and are cost-effective and energy-efficient, making them ideal to light large spaces. Just pay attention to your requirements along with your budget while selecting the right lighting system. 

At Langy Energy, you will find the best UFO high bay lights with other options of solar lights that are energy efficient and available in different lumens. Make a better eco-friendly choice and shop now.

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